Heron House

Heron House


Heron House, the headquarters of GCHQ (Shhh!) is located on Albert Square, near to Manchester Town Hall and other notable sites. Heron House is a remarkable structure with a contemporary architectural style. It has a glass front and is well-known in the city centre for its prominent placement and visibility.

The Manchester GCHQ site is responsible for securing the UK’s communications infrastructure, defending against cyber attacks, and acquiring intelligence from a variety of sources, including telephony, internet communications, and other electronic signals.

Its primary missions are to intercept, decode, and analyse signals in order to support national security and counterintelligence operations. So, as I’m sure you can guess, acoustics and security are both very important.

The acoustics team assisted the complicated and conflicting security / sound insulation issues to provide robust walls and floors without compromising premium acoustic performance.

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